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TPG Capital Asia: Virtual General Session 2020

Live-streaming to nurture internal culture and cultivate team spirit

TPG Capital Asia hosted its semi-annual LPAC meeting with its shareholders from across the globe last November 2020. What typically would be a full day event with all the attendees flying into the designated city, was transformed into a 100-minute virtual experience.

The presentations were pre-recorded from different locations including the US, Singapore, China, India, Korea and Australia. motion managed the productions remotely, collaborating with local vendors based in each location, with the exception of the home base of Singapore which was fully produced by motion on-location.

All of the post-production was managed by motion including the animation of presentation material. The entire show was packaged as a broadcast piece consisting of an event stinger, bumpers and lower thirds to elevate the overall viewing experience.

The event was live streamed twice over 6Connex to accommodate a global audience and was tested thoroughly by motion to ensure a seamless experience in mainland China. The platform has interactive and engaging features for the audience including two additional galleries. The Culture & Events Gallery showcasing TPG’s work in the diversity space, and the Team Insights Gallery highlighting interesting articles across a variety of topics recommended by the TPG APAC team. 

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