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Epistēmē by Aesop

The eloquence of senses

Motion was selected as the production and experience agency for Epistēmē, an evocative and sensory installation by Aesop.

It is a captivating exploration of the sensory world of Aesop products through three new short films shown for the first time globally in Asia. 


The films are created in collaboration with Dutch conceptual artist and mutator of materials, Bart Hess. They dramatise the skin’s response to three replenishing Aesop Skin Care favourites: Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream, Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque, and Lucent Facial Concentrate.


For the installation design, Aesop conceived of a sensory experience composed of two key elements: skin and material. A wooden ‘skin’ forms the structure of each room, creating an easy circulation and navigation to guide the visitor from one space to the next. The ‘material’ comprises the films and tactile sculptural interventions that sit alongside these structural elements to stimulate the five senses.


Partnering and working closely with Hiroko Shiratori, Aesop’s brand curator over a period of six months, motion’s role was to design and build the screening zones housing the films and the preceding tactile experiences. 


From curating the right materials to handpicking gallery docents, it was critical that motion carefully considered every touchpoint to ensure it delivers an experience that fully exemplifies and representative of the intelligent skincare brand.


Epistēmē, which means knowledge and understanding in Ancient Greek, was held over a period of 12 days in September, at ION Art gallery in Singapore. 

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