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The Office, Disrupted Exhibition

Branding the workspace in a time of change

The Office, Disrupted is a curated exhibition and panel discussion series that explore and reimagine the hybrid workspace in the wake of the pandemic and working from home.

Organised under Casting Hope, a thematic programme by DesignSingapore, we partnered with Paperspace Asia to create a distinct and dynamic visual identity for its project.

We ensured a consistent and compelling narrative for the event by creating and curating event branding and communication collaterals.

A prominent feature that made the exhibition a success was the series of panel discussions led by thought leaders and dominant figures in key industries.

We designed the narrative arcs to each topic and briefed moderators and speakers to ensure a robust discussion, with a focus on key content points to be highlighted and honed in on.


The content moved audiences as they were able to engage, learn, and be enlightened about issues surrounding redesigning offices in times of change, and how they impact livelihood and the cityscape on a macro scale.

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