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In these isolating times, motion has partnered companies to connect with their audiences virtually.

Social distancing and reduced physical contact should not compromise the building of lasting bonds – whether be it to sustain internal culture or maintain business relationships.

MEET VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE is a three-tier solution that will allow you to communicate confidently and efficiently with your teams, partners and customers, no matter where they may be. 

We partnered our clients to transform their physical events to digital experiences of engagement for their audiences.


Pockets of engagement such as Q&A and Polls weaved into the programming, provided for audience participation and interactivity. 


Our combined expertise of stage and speaker management in events and video production, aided us to better coach the presenters to perform their best on camera to deliver their messages to their audiences. 


These projects have shown us that an event, whether physical or digital, requires the same ingredients for success  – attention to detail, strong technical skills, well-designed content, creativity and emotional pacing.


Our years of designing sensorial experiences have enabled us to quickly re-imagine how we connect virtually during these remote times. 

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Hybrid & Virtual Events



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