Meet the team

Motion is made up of disciplined strategists, producers, designers and creatives with the committed heartset, skillset and mindset to help clients solve their business challenges. Our high-performing and collaborative experts are team players who deliver tangible results.

Juliana Mattar

Founder & CEO

For over 24 years, Juliana has been a visionary business leader bringing to life sensorial experiences on a global level for leading brands and clients. 


As an entrepreneur, she founded the independent agency Motion: For Impact in 2004. Her unparalleled knack for reading people and environments – along with honed skills in stage management as well as media and communications – enables her to nimbly navigate complex briefs and challenges, delivering impactful outcomes and equitable outputs for clients. At Motion, she leads her capable team to provide a range of outstanding services that move businesses and people towards each other, consolidating Motion’s position firmly across industries.