Meet the team

Motion is made up of disciplined strategists, producers, designers and creatives with the committed heartset, skillset and mindset to help clients solve their business challenges. Our high-performing and collaborative experts are team players who deliver tangible results.

Juliana Mattar

Founder & CEO

Juliana has over 24 years’ experience in events production and management. She has produced corporate events globally for influencers and clients.


At school, Juliana dreamed of being an actress. Although she was not financially supported to pursue a degree in theatre studies, she pursued her passion for creating theatrical magic by going backstage instead. She honed her skills in stage management for theatre productions and along the way studied media and communications. 

She got her first job with an event and production agency while interning at a Broadway musical. After training as a video editor and producer, and then working as an events producer and show director, she started a video business for the agency. Six years later, in 2004, she left to start motion. 


Juliana has a strong interest in conceptual art and believes it can help people find a higher purpose.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, I’ve been busy developing motion’s digital capabilities to help organisations produce outstanding online experiences for their people and customers. I believe in harnessing technology’s power to influence and move people through a smart combination of collaborative communication tools, compelling content, creative programming – and a whole lot of spirit!” Juliana says.


Hajar Manaf

Chief Experience Officer

Hajar is an award-winning creative with more than a decade’s experience as a writer, moderator, producer and creative director.

She has worked with a wide range of clients across diverse industries – from skincare and hospitality to financial institutions and educational bodies – and from large multinationals to independent brands.


On any project, Hajar is known for inspiring her team of designers, artists, curators and other fellow creatives to constantly push creative boundaries. She believes outstanding work is a result of learning from others and from leveraging a spirit of openness and humility. 


Hajar is always looking to be inspired by beauty. “I’m moved by my love for poetry, striving to make manifest Rumi’s advice to let the beauty of what you love be what you do,” she says.

Pauline Lutz

Content Strategist & Operations

Pauline has 13 years’ experience as a content producer and account director, 10 of which she has spent in Singapore.

With a background in advertising, she has helped leading clients in sectors including automotive, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage solve their business challenges. Today, she is supporting us remotely from her base in France.


“Working at motion has sharpened my skills as a writer and content producer and taught me visual design, but I’ve also discovered a strange affinity for numbers and strategy along the way,” Pauline says. “Now, that’s become my passion. I’m thrilled to be working with our talented team to lead motion’s commercial strategy and business operations.”

Irene Moore

Accountant & Office Manager

Helming the role of Finance & Office Manager at motion, Irene is a CIMA Qualified accountant with over 20 years of diverse experience in both financial and management accounting. At motion, she performs her role with tenacity and composure, overseeing the day-to-day running of the office while managing motion’s financial accounting to ensure the team’s consistent performance across projects.


“Motivating the team at motion to continually create impactful experiences for clients brings me great fulfillment. It is especially meaningful when we’re able to build and grow long-lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.”

Qinxin Khoo

Account Manager

Qinxin has over seven years of experience in event production and management. She has produced and project managed a wide range of events from community-level programmes and roadshows, to festivals, corporate forums, and presidential-level ceremonies. An all-rounder with experience in marketing, community building, and client servicing roles, she is detail-oriented and unafraid to roll up her sleeves to get the job done. 


"Together with the team at motion, I am pushing my boundaries every day to create experiences that will touch people," she says.

Fitri Amirrol


Fresh off the heels of an honours education in film and television while armed with years of experience working in the creative world, Fitri joins Motion with a keen interest to delve into and further the industry. He finds inspiration and joy in marrying elements and creating collaborative artistic expressions that astound and impress. "Study every creative possibility with an open mind, and never limit yourself to one option," he would say. 

Fitri also traverses the creative field to expand his knowledge of the digital platform. Understanding the importance of the digital realm in our world today and eager to explore its terrain, Fitri aspires to create impact through hybrid experiences with the dedicated and skillful team at Motion.

Nahlah Alsree

Assistant Producer

Nahlah is a designer, visual artist, and art director. She moves through the creative world with an ethical point of view. Her aesthetics are refreshing and youthful with a purpose. She is always inspired by the people she designs for, and believes that design is not just about how something looks but also its intent and the action it sparks, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.


“This drove me towards my love for creating purposeful visual work. Each step taken bears significance in the experience of the audience. This purpose drove me further to become more strategic in my practice, particularly in branding and social media design where I can continue telling my visual story in today's progressive ways.”