Juliana Mattar

Founder & Managing Director


Juliana is ready to take on anything and anyone everytime she steps through motion’s doors. Perhaps that’s why she aspires to be a martial arts champion, probably in the ultralight-featherweight category, and rises at 6am for training. 

Most mornings.


Craig McMillan

Managing Partner


A man of not so few words. Craig prefers to conquer obstacles in life like he does wakeboarding, with a bit of air-time. Even though, like in life, it had landed him a broken nose.


Hajar Manaf

Creative Director


Hajar seeks to find the poetry in all that she does. Beauty in the banal. Magic in the mundane. She's curious about the cosmos and marvels at the power of words. She spends way too much time on documentary films, and if were a millionaire, would be a watch collector.

Fitri Amirrol

Assistant Producer

As a fresh film graduate, Fitri enjoys all sorts of horror movies - the good, the bad and the bloody. This true-blue millennial loves organizing lists on Numbers, hates slow Internet speed, and is a self-proclaimed champion typist at 140 wpm.

Pauline Lutz

Account Director


Self confessed travel addict Pauline,
left Europe for warmer lands more than
7 years ago and won’t leave Asia until visiting all cities, climbing all mountains, trekking all volcanoes and walking on all the beaches. Her favourite quote -
“Not all those who wander are lost”, from her favourite movie Lord of The Rings.

Melissa Peñafiel



As a young girl, Melissa has always had an appetite for adventure. What started from climbing trees and rooftops have grown in heights as the seasoned triathlete pushes boundaries to feed her  competitive spirit. She goes all out, excitedly toeing the starting line for every new challenge, all while occasionally finding time for a night out with friends.

Irene Nanthini

Event Executive


Irene confesses to watching puppy videos whenever and wherever she can. She enjoys reading to live vicariously through the lives of fictional characters and their adventures. She dreams to someday wake up to the view of glorious snowy mountain peaks every day with her precious puppies by her side.

Rio Matthew

Multimedia Director


Rio is the annoying big brother of the office... this we all know. What is little known is that his creative streak goes beyond the digital world and into the world of sculpture. He even salvages old toys to turn into model motorcycles? Quirky as his sense of humour!

Firdaus Fakhrudin

Freelance Designer


Firdaus’ daily antics and quirky humour can be attributed to the countless ungodly hours he spends watching Japanese variety shows. The aspiring sushi chef plays competitive football on Sundays and grooves to Michael Jackson’s “Who is It” when he thinks no one’s watching.  

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