Prudential Singapore "PruConnect" Town Hall

A Life Well Lived. In Perspective.

Prudential Singapore organises a few Town Halls in a year –

PruConnect – to update and engage all 900 employees. The first one

of 2018 is a pivotal one as it introduced the organisation’s new

To complement the weight and gravitas of the new purpose, Motion

conceptualised, developed, and produced a Life Gallery – a curated

experience meant to reinforce a subliminal understanding of the purpose

prior to its introduction. 
Working with a curator to assemble works from established and emerging local photographers, Motion worked on the concept of perspectives, aiming to engage employees to explore what a life well lived looks like from varying perspectives.  
After the Life Gallery, employees step into the Presentation Zone, which Motion branded and punctuated with five video content that were scripted, animated and filmed to provide light and shade to the programme. 
Finally, the Town Hall ended with an F&B experience of tropical greenery with its centrepiece being an edible art showcase designed and created by Hilton Singapore. 


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