Prudential Singapore Office Launch

Welcome to Prudential's New WorkPlayce

Prudential Singapore is moving office – but the move does not only mark a physical change. It is a move that is part of a long-term company-wide transformation journey to pave the way for a new Prudential, an insurance company that is future-ready in a fast-changing world.
Located at the new Marina One East Tower, Motion won the pitch to conceptualise an experience where the new values are implicit in the experience, embraces the culture shift, and ensures all 900 employees are engaged in a large office space. 
We were driven by the idea that Prudential, with its physical office move, is integrating work and play in a place that reinforces a transformation in the workforce making it an innovative workspace. 
From spatial experience, people interaction, and technology use, we came up with a concept of purposeful play where we programmed content and interactive digital games for employee engagement throughout the day.

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