Schneider Electric Experience Centre

The company's first Asian innovation hub

Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management. As part of the opening of its new regional headquarters in Singapore, Schneider Electric will have its first Innovation Hub in Asia, where an Experience Centre is built to showcase the company’s innovative solutions.
Motion teamed up with George P. Johnson to work on the strategic, content, and creative direction of the Experience Centre.
More specifically, Motion wrote and produced an Energy Zeitgeist video that captures the compelling need for energy sustainability and innovative thinking for the world tomorrow, and how Schneider Electric is poised to be at the forefront of innovative solutions.
Secondly, Motion collaborated closely with Schneider Electric to showcase what the company’s dynamic role and expertise is behind the design of the Smart City. 

Motion art directed, storyboarded and content designed the diorama narrative and experience in close collaboration with Schneider. It was an aesthetic approach that visualised Schneider’s technology using success stories across various industries.

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