The Body Shop Drops of Youth Experience Design

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the brightest eyes of all?

Motion was tasked to design an experience blueprint for the regional media launch of The Body Shop Drops of Youth that became an event toolkit for the Asia Pacific region.

The concept briefed was "Fairytale Garden", where a step into the experience took guests back to their younger days with the familiar line of "Mirror mirror on the wall" – an event tagline that motion proposed.

To champion the key ingredient in the product, the Edelweiss, motion conceptualised a reflective surface to resemble a mirror in all Edelweiss designs or pop-ups.

It becomes a physical metaphor of seeing through eyes of youth with the Edelweiss.

Motion managed a fine balance between the scientific prowess of the Edelweiss, and the fairytale concept, to achieve a clean look between their two contrasting natures. 

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