The Dream Journal

The Dream Journal is an SG50 funded initiative produced in collaboration with One Dream, a society improvement arm, that aims to give back and improve the Singaporean society.


While Motion is proud to have conceptualised and designed The Dream Journal itself, its birth was truly a piece of collaborative effort.

The photos were taken by Independent Photographer and Visual Artist Alecia Neo, talents were Hougang Secondary School students, and the book launch was done in partnership with the launch of Little Arts Academy at Orchard Central, a leading arts academy for youth aims at nurturing young talents through a quality arts education.

The concept and design of The Dream Journal was one inspired by dreams.

Photos were superimposed with quotes sourced from well-known thinkers, thought leaders, game changers, and history makers alike.

The craftsmanship behind The Dream Journal aimed to provide a unique reading and writing experience, so that journal owners can create and evolve with the journal.

The Dream Journal is only a stepping stone, distributed to youths from ages of 13 - 21, a publication we hope that keeps dreams alive.

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