UOB 2017 Lunar New Year Branding

The Prosperity Roosters

The UOB Lunar New Year red packets concept this year is inspired by the confident and courageous Rooster, where its majestic trail of feathers represents the scaling of success in 2017. For the first time, UOB's Communications and Customer Advocacy team chose three of motion’s to form this year’s series of red packet designs.


This six-month campaign took Motion in different design explorations that brought the prosperity rooster alive through the auspicious use of brush strokes and feathers, as well as in its animation that tells a story of how the Prosperity Rooster brings luck. This was sent to all UOB customers and partners, featured on UOB's YouTube channel and played at UOB branches around the region.


Millions of red packets were printed and distributed to 12 markets across the world from London to the USA, Japan and China among other markets in the region.

The Prosperity Rooster : Animated Greeting

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