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UOB Asset Management: 2020 Mid-Year Outlook Conversations

Maintaining thought leadership amidst the pandemic

As markets across the world adapt to the shifting trends brought upon by COVID-19, UOB Asset Management brought together a pool of experts to share their views on how investors can position their portfolios beyond the pandemic.

motion partnered in conceptualising, designing and producing the virtual experience for the event using the platform ON24. 

The event had a total of 1,135 registrants with 815 attendees, arriving at 71% attendance rate. The attendees were from countries across the globe including Thailand, Japan, United Kingdom among others and spent an average of 127 minutes out of 157 minutes total running time of the show.

Engagement score was also high at 8.1 out of 10 combining attendees time spent and usage of engagement tools such as resource downloads within the platform.

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