At motion, we drive business value through a humanistic approach that connects brands with consumers and builds employee engagement through the power of sensorial experiences. 

We believe people will always want to connect sensorially, and while technology has its place, virtual and digital exchanges will always remain two-dimensional. With that in mind, we carefully leverage technology to help us design deeper connections that can be scaled and measured.


That means we always strive to find highly original and engaging ways to forge a human connection between organisations and their target audience – whether consumers or employees.


By creating experiences that bring all the senses into play and powerfully move and inspire the human spirit, we can help to influence people towards the outcomes that our clients desire. 

With any project we take on, we apply a Sensorial Trigger Architecture that brings our approach to life.


We start by creating a brief for your project and considering your goals and target audience. We bring into play industry insights and best practices, research findings and analysis, as well as what inspires and moves us personally. Then we draw on our deep understanding of the core drives that influence people into action to curate a strategy that’s right for you.


Next, we design your experience with careful consideration of the sensorial triggers that will best connect your brand to your intended audience. Those triggers might include visuals, sounds, space, light, textures, signs and symbols, colours, shapes, textures, tastes, scents and more, skilfully layered together in inspiring ways.




As we deliver your project, we leverage our eye for detail, superior production values and decades of experience in designing content and experiences for offline and online platforms so we can deliver maximum business impact.