UOB 2016 Chinese New Year

The Dancing Monkeys


The making of UOB Chinese New Year red packets is a journey that took seven months to complete. It was an undertaking headed by UOB'S Communications and Customer Advocacy team, where motion’s design was selected out of 20 design concepts that were presented over a two-month pitch process period.


The concept revolves around the art of Chinese paper folding which visually depicts 8 “dancing" monkeys.


As part of this campaign, motion designed the UOB red packets, along with a full suite of Chinese New Year collaterals.This includes sleeves and paper bags for 3 tiers of customers, posters, out of home branding, gift set, greeting cards and digital emailers.


Every detail was pored over by our team, from the exclusive Chinese typography to the facets of the background image, to the unique shape of each individual monkey and adding a tactile dimension to the red packets using a felt application.


With precision and finesse, motion then carefully animated the 2D design elements into a 3D animation that infuses into it vitality and festivity around the “Dancing monkeys” concept.


The campaign also features a 35-sec 3D animation sent by email to UOB customers and partners.The video is featured on UOB's Youtube channel and also played at all UOB branches in the region.


Millions of red packets were printed and distributed to 12 markets across the world from London to the USA, Japan and China among other markets in the region.