Hilton 2016 APAC General Manager & Sales Conference

Meeting with Purpose

For Hilton Asia Pacific, the brief was to create a 2-day conference that would embody a memorable experience, to achieve a collective alignment on its culture and organisation, and to amplify the new brand purpose. 

motion conceptualised the experience by spearheading the creative content and art direction. We captured the diversity of Hilton Asia Pacific across 5 countries, to illustrate what the brand purpose translated to on the ground, documented the journey towards making a sustainable menu, and ensured a sustainable methodology was applied in our working process in line with Hilton’s Meet with Purpose initiative. 


We produced a total of 1,167 keynote slides, 6 videos, 2 animations and 1 surround sound experience.

Opening Video

Award-Winning Work

Hybrid & Virtual Events



Design & Digital

motion made

The Making of : Lunch Video

Sustainability Video

"Big Picture" Welcome Animation